Paws And WingS

January 1, 2021

Our “Paws And WingS” Fund was set up to enable us to offer care to domestic or feral animals who have been orphaned, abandoned or injured. It was initially funded by Dr. Kusiak, but has been supported by generous contributions from staff members, clients and the Good Samaritans who have brought in many of the needy creatures.

Our annual “Pet Pow-Wow” and “Photos With Santa Paws” are fun for everyone and the profits go directly to the PAWS Fund.

The PAWS Fund accepts donations year-round to help defray the cost of caring for these special animal friends. Although these donations are not tax-deductible, they are appreciated immensely.

Domestic and feral animals receive emergency medical care until it can be determined whether they do have a family.

If not, the PAWS fund pays for any needed medical care, treatment for fleas, ticks, mites and intestinal parasites, neutering and vaccination in preparation for placement in a loving home.

We do not spare any expense in their care just because they have no one to pay their bills. They receive the same expert and loving attention as any other patient. The average cost of caring for one of these animals is over $500!