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Our Practice

From the moment you pull into our landscaped parking lot and pass through the gleaming glass door, you know that Indian Walk Veterinary Center is no ordinary animal care facility.

Beauty and whimsy abound in the public areas, to delight and relax visitors, who will transmit these calming influences to their pets. Conveniences such as leash hooks in the checkout area and ergonomically displayed pet foods show the attention to detail that pervades the entire facility.

An ultra-modern heating and air conditioning system provides comfort, controls odor and prevents disease transmission between patients. The automated electrical generator and sophisticated lightning protection array ensure safety and uninterrupted power to all hospital systems during a storm or power outage.

Highlights of our practice include:

Honored to be:


Dr. Kusiak, FounderOur Founder

Dr. Lilli D. Kusiak graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1981. After 9 years as a staff veterinarian in the Newtown area, she elected to start her own practice. Indian Walk Veterinary Center opened in June 1990 in a rented 2-bedroom ranch-style house that she and her husband renovated into a cozy but efficient veterinary hospital. The initial staff consisted of Dr. Kusiak and two assistants, one full-time and the other part-time.


The practice grew quickly and in March 2000 moved to its present modern facility with 4 doctors and 12 support staff. The floorplan of the new building was designed by Dr. Kusiak with input from staff members.

Indian Walk continued to expand under Dr. Kusiak’s leadership and in March 2019, after devoting 39 years to her profession, she was able to leave her practice in younger hands and begin a well-deserved retirement.

Since then, Dr. Kusiak has resumed her old passions of bird-watching and photography and her photos of birds, wildlife and flowers have been selling well in both digital and print forms. She hopes to spend some time traveling in Europe and other places to gain more inspiration for her photographs.

Heroes for Health Pets

Our facility is proud to be Heroes for Healthy Pets™ Certified! This means we are trained in best practices to help prevent and manage infectious diseases to help keep your pet healthy. Over the past few years, the incidence of infectious disease outbreaks in dogs in the United States has increased. Experts agree that the best way to combat this growing risk is through education and proactive healthcare for dogs. A better understanding of infectious diseases and preventative care, including strategic vaccination, and cleaning and disinfection protocols can help. We have pledged to uphold the Heroes for Healthy Pets™ Disease Management Certification Program’s standards. Our first priority will always be the health and safety of pets, and our certified status is an example of our strong commitment to our clients.

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