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    Welcome to Indian Walk Veterinary Center!

    Since 1990, offering expert and compassionate veterinary care in Newtown, PA. Call us at 215 598 9000 to schedule your pet’s appointment!

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    Veterinary Services Available

    We offer extensive veterinary care for pets in Newtown & surrounding areas of Pennsylvania & New Jersey. Services include preventive medicine, diagnostics, surgery & more!

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    10% Off on Dental Cleanings!

    February is Pet Dental Health Month and we’re offering 10% off on Professional Dental Cleanings throughout February and March! Call today for a dental health checkup!

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Welcome to Indian Walk Veterinary Center

Since 1990, Indian Walk Veterinary Center has been serving the pets of Bucks County, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Some of our patients come from as far away as northern New Jersey and Maryland.

We care for a wide array of animals, including dogs, cats, ferrets, snakes, lizards and other reptiles, rabbits and rodents and small birds. We believe that every pet deserves our best efforts. We consider the challenge of treating exotic pets an opportunity to expand our knowledge, to help our patients, and to educate our clients in their care.

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  • To celebrate the delight of the human-animal bond by educating and encouraging people to be considerate caretakers of their animal companions.
  • To provide a high standard of technical expertise in an atmosphere of thoughtful concern for our patients and their families.


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  • February is Pet Dental Health Month, but we think it’s so important that we are observing it all the way till the end of March!  Here are some of the ways we’ll be celebrating:
    • 10% off dental prophys performed during the months of February and March.
    • Patients who have dental prophys performed during this time will be entered into a raffle for a basket full of dental health related products.  Winners (one cat and one dog) will be announced at the end of March.
    • Informative displays and discussions on home dental care with free samples of Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d (dental diet).  $10 off the purchase price of a bag of Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d; discount applied at checkout.  This is approximately a 50% savings!
    • A fun contest!  Guess the number of t/d pieces in the jar.  Closest guess will get a FREE bag of T/D diet.  There will be a winner in both February and March.
  • So far this winter we have avoided any significant snowfall.  Although we hope that pattern continues, we know that February tends to be the snowiest month of the year around here.  Just a word of advice about our snow-related hours.  Many of our staff live rather far from work so if snow is expected to be heavy we may close early to allow everyone to arrive home safely.  We make every effort to reach everyone who has an appointment that evening so we can reschedule.  If there is heavy snow overnight, we will open as soon as a minimal staff is able to dig out and get to the office, usually by about 10 AM.  Bottom line is, if you have an appointment and it’s snowing hard, it would be a good idea to call the office before driving over, just to make sure we will be available. For the most up-to-date weather-related information, check our Facebook page.  Meanwhile, we are counting down the days until Spring arrives.
  • Speaking of Spring arrivals, we are very excited to announce that our Dr. Robin is expecting TWINS sometime in April!  While she is out on maternity leave, we will have the excellent Dr. Marion Alston filling in many of her hours.
  • Does the thought of bringing your kitty to the vet make you cringe?  You are not alone.  Studies have shown that more than half of owned cats do not get regular preventive health care.  There are many reasons for this, but a major factor is that cats simply do not want to go to the vet and we all know how hard it is to get a cat to do something she does not want to do.  Face it, a veterinary visit can be pretty scary if you’re a cat.  It starts with being stuffed into a plastic cage that’s likely been sitting gathering dust in the garage for ages.  Then you’re placed in a moving vehicle that stops, starts and turns, making your head spin.  The vet’s office can be daunting as well.  Maybe there are dogs barking, cats crying, phones ringing…
    • Take heart!  We have a solution that may help your cat get much needed preventive care without excessive stress on either of you. The first Tuesday of every month, from 5:00-7:00 PM is our Cats’ Night Out.  We will be offering a feline-friendly hospital setting during those hours exclusively for our feline patients!  To reduce fear and promote calming during your cat’s appointment, we will not schedule any canine patients (unless it’s an emergency).  We will be using a very effective calming cat pheromone, playing soft music, offering yummy treats and soft blankets for shy kitties to snuggle into.  Our staff is trained in gentle feline handling.  Everyone who attends will receive a goody bag.  Space is limited, so call early to schedule your kitty’s appointment.  For more information on stress-free vet visits, see this informative brochure by the AAFP.
  • The AVMA and Pet Poison Helpline have produced some great videos about emergency care and various common household items that are toxic to pets. See the videos here in our library.
  • Check out our online Library, where new articles are always being added.


Phone: 215 598 9000
Fax: 215-598-9877
Email: mail@indianwalkvet.com

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